We are Solarday

Solarday is a historical Italian module manufacturer, specialized in high-end products and customized PV Solution, located in Lombardy. Solarday has been traditionally focused on the Italian domestic market since the first “Conto Energia”. In 2018, the international expansion towards European markets began.

The company has grown from a group of professionals who started and decided to put together their technical and market knowledge in order to create a reliable company. Since then Solarday has grown in the renewable market and bringing the know-how into solutions for our customers.

We manufacture photovoltaic panels for every need of power, technology and design in order to offer a wide, full and high quality range of products for your home, business or organization.

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Mission and vision

The maturity of the photovoltaic industry worldwide, plus the reduction in production costs for a PV system (BOS), have changed the landscape of the photovoltaic market. Solar energy is already contributing to the national energy mix, optimizing the costs and shifting from fossil to renewables.

Within this scenario, Solarday’s goal is to share the expertise on customized solutions, and offering high-quality products as historical manufacturers. This is our way to contribute on a greener and sustainable future, where electricity will be generated where its consumed. Our products and tailored BIPV solutions will contribute to this goal, as well as teaming with our clients, in a long term relationship.



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Our history

Starting in 2004, and since then producing a large variety of modules; from 5’ cells, colored modules, glass-glass finishing, to the current Half-cut technology. Our Italian factory plus our variety on EU suppliers, allow us to have a pure European module, on minimum production time, and being flexible on demand. Detail oriented production for our customers. Back in 2009, Solarday was the first solar company to upgrade to a 12 year product warranty in the market. Right now, our expertise on long-standing products, brings us to have a 20 years warranty on all our product range.

Established in the most developed industrial area in Italy, Solarday facilities are ahead on R&D, and implementing all improvements on mass production. More than 15 years of experience, know-how and achieving a full range of certifications for an EU product with excellent performances on its lifetime. International premium distributor network since 2018. Our partners commercialize Solarday products across EU and MENA according to local regulations. We supply modules from domestic PV installations to utility scale projects. As well as the PV market, Solarday keeps its growing plan and expansion for 2021 opening a new subsidiary in Spain, covering the Spanish and Portuguese markets.

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Partners: Lasting trust

In global world, synergies between the best companies in PV sector are necessary to follow the market demands. This cooperation brings us the need for flexibility to adapt locally to each market and local preferences according to customer demand. More than 20 years on the market is time enough to develop and build a strong partnership with companies that decided to trust us. From Italy to Ukraine, our PV modules are distributed and installed to residential, Industrial and EPC projects. Photovoltaic energy is simple and durable, so the same vision on our partners, find down below the strategic benefits are given to our Golden partners;

  • Latest features on products

  • Factory/ trainings/ Webinars

  • Extended Warranties

  • Professional Account Managers

  • International Logistic Warehouses

  • Preferred Payment Conditions