TX24 is a photovoltaic building element with innovative features if compared to what is available on the market so far:

  • SHAPE: the frame in thermosetting resin (SMC) is shaped to reproduce, on an enlarged scale, the shape of a traditional tile roof, for an architectural integration that respects the strictest landscape and architectural constraints.
  • COLOUR: the red photovoltaic laminate, built with 6” polycrystalline coloured cells, is inserted in the brick-coloured frame to create a chromatic effect that comes close to red tile roof.
  • CONNECTORS: they connect electrically to each other with a patented contact (without cables) which makes mounting on the roof quick and easier.
  • STRUCTURE: the structure and the material are designed to achieve a high mechanical resistance.
  • TILES (with no photovoltaic modules): to complete the roof and make it uniform, in those areas where there is no need of a photovoltaic surface, are available tiles with the same shape as photovoltaic panels but with no photovoltaic modules. The tiles can be cut or shaped as needed. 1 tile = 0,78 sqm

10 TILES = 1 KILOWATT = 8 sqm



  • TX24

    The New Photovoltaic Roof Tile